AMI is stuck at "untarring"

asked 2011-11-04 16:11:58 -0600

euca-describe-images --debug ami-00000001 IMAGE ami-00000001 fbsd/fbsd.img.manifest.xml untarring private x86_64 machine instance-store

The image has been untarring for the last hour, with a reboot just before (all API calls had locked up).

Log files are not showing anything wrong. Any way of knowing what is going on?

Also, after submitting an image and euca-describe-images, nova-api is using 100% of the cpu.

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answered 2011-11-09 15:43:52 -0600

yunmao gravatar image

If nova-api is using 100% of the cpu, then it's definitely a bug.. About the untar issue, have you checked your free disk space?

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answered 2011-11-11 15:53:23 -0600

Turns out it was me being impatient on some slow hardware.

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