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KVM images in Bexar

asked 2011-02-10 11:49:37 -0500

Bexar release announcement says that it's now possible to handle KVM images "natively" (or transparently, at least), but docs seem to lag behind and I can't found anything there on the subject. How should one register Qemu/KVM image for Nova to handle and run instances of it?

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answered 2011-02-25 23:34:06 -0500

berendt gravatar image

You can use euca-bundle-image, euca-upload-bundle and euca-register to add machine images into your object store. Afterwards try running your image with euca-run-instances. If that's not working for you extract the ramdisk and the kernel from the image and add them to the objectstore, too. Set the flags --ramdisk or --kernel to true and afterwards re-add the machine image and use the flags --ramdisk ID-RAMDISK and --kernel ID-KERNEL. If have not tried the first way, the second one is working for me.

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answered 2011-06-03 08:09:30 -0500

i want to know how to do this --"that it's now possible to handle KVM images "natively" ---,also.

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