What is the interaction between dashboard and nova client?

asked 2011-10-13 13:34:16 -0600

david-kranz gravatar image

I have installed openstack using "devstack". I can successfully create a vm either by using the dashboard or by the command 'nova boot'. I was surprised to see that the vms created by dashboard did not show up in 'nova list', and the vms created by 'nova boot' did not show up in the dashboard, even after refresh. Is this by design?

Also, I see lines in the log like this that have [error]. Are these really errors?

[Thu Oct 13 09:24:06 2011] [error] DEBUG:django.db.backends:(0.001) SELECT "django_session"."session_key", "django_session"."session_data", "django_session"."expire_date" FROM "django_session" WHERE ("django_session"."session_key" = 566bc0f62062e10f15dce8be10c3c4c8 AND "django_session"."expire_date" > 2011-10-13 09:24:06.808304 ); args=('566bc0f62062e10f15dce8be10c3c4c8', u'2011-10-13 09:24:06.808304') [Thu Oct 13 09:24:06 2011] [error] DEBUG:django_openstack.api:extras_api connection created using token "5aad4350-9194-4f46-8c43-b7ad9943c5c0" and url "" [Thu Oct 13 09:24:06 2011] [error] DEBUG:django_openstack.api:auth_api connection created using url "http://localhost:5000/v2.0/" [Thu Oct 13 09:24:06 2011] [error] DEBUG:django.db.backends:(0.000) SELECT "django_session"."session_key", "django_session"."session_data", "django_session"."expire_date" FROM "d

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answered 2011-10-20 14:09:10 -0600

david-kranz gravatar image

Thanks vidd, that solved my question.

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answered 2011-10-20 06:02:08 -0600

vidd gravatar image

simple answer... there is none (at least not currently) nova client interacts with euca2ools/nova-manage (not keystone) dashboard interacts with keystone (not euca2ools/nova-manage)

From what I understand, this will change in the future (maybe)

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answered 2011-10-20 14:10:54 -0600

david-kranz gravatar image

Going forward I think it would be a requirement that the data controlled by the dashboard could also be driven from the command line so I hope that gets fixed!

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