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Network configuration / Can't ping or ssh to our instances

asked 2011-02-17 23:58:17 -0500

everett-toews gravatar image

We have been trying to deploy nova (Bexar) for the past week on a single machine. We can install and configure nova on a fresh Ubuntu 10.10 server and even successfully start VMs but we have not been able to connect to those VMs. Neither ping nor ssh work (yes, we have done the euca-authorize steps).

We've tried all of the steps from the ( . We've tried asking other questions, ( and ( (no replies). We've tried going on IRC, giving bits and pieces of information about our problems and getting good troubleshooting tips in return but, ultimately, nothing that has worked for us. We've read about a similar problems: ( was already solved and the patch merged in Bexar and ( doesn't seem to be relevant anymore (can't find --flat_interface reference in any of the nova- --help).

So, out of desperation, here is all of the information about our configuration (IP addresses changed) in the hopes that someone can pinpoint what the problem is.

Is our networking configured properly for Nova? Why can't we ping or ssh to our instances?

Any answers or network troubleshooting tips are greatly appreciated!

** Installation Architecture ** By design our network architecture very closely resembles the Nova example installation architecture. (

Keep in mind that, at the moment, we are only trying to install to a single machine.

** Installation Procedure ** We are doing the scripted installation ( ( ). When we run here are the values we input:

S3 Host IP (Default is -- ENTER to accept): RabbitMQ Host IP (Default is -- ENTER to accept): Cloud Controller Host IP (Default is -- ENTER to accept): mySQL Host IP (Default is -- ENTER to accept):

Controller network range for ALL projects (normally x.x.x.x/12): Total amount of usable IPs for ALL projects:64 Nova project user name:admin Nova project name:admin-project Desired network + CIDR for project (normally x.x.x.x/24): How many networks for project:1 How many availible IPs per project network:8

Please enter your local server IP (Default is -- ENTER to accept): Please enter your broadcast IP (Default is -- ENTER to accept): Please enter your netmask (Default is -- ENTER to accept): Please enter your gateway (Default is 99 ... (more)

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answered 2011-07-11 12:27:40 -0500

the error message of console log is below:

2011-07-11 10:04:11,496 -[WARNING]: waiting for metadata service at (

2011-07-11 10:04:11,498 -[WARNING]: 10:04:11 [ 1/100]: url error [[Errno 113] No route to host]

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