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Deleting Users and Accounts

asked 2010-10-22 21:52:26 -0500

twkiel gravatar image

I'm having a hard time determining how you would delete accounts and users within accounts. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

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answered 2010-10-22 22:08:53 -0500

cthier gravatar image

The Dev Auth system wasn't designed to be used for a production system, so it is missing some features (like deleting users/accounts). From the dev auth perspective, accounts/users can be deleted from the sqlite table used by auth, but that would not remove files from the system.

Swift does have an account-reaper, that when it determines that an account is deleted in the system, it will go through and remove the account's files from the system. I don't think that there is an external interface exposed yet that lets you mark an account as deleted. I will add that as a bug.

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answered 2010-10-25 17:44:02 -0500

twkiel gravatar image

Thanks Chuck Thier, that solved my question.

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