swift archietecture; proxy node's ethernet cards choose

asked 2011-12-08 08:15:45 -0600

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Hello! my swift is 1 proxy node(2 Ethernet cards, each card's speed is 1Gbps, 4GB memory, one Dual-Core CPU 3.06GHz) + 5 zones(one storage node each zone, each storage node has 2T disk space+1Gbps Ethernet card), siwft1.4.3 eth0 of proxy node: attach Internet; 1Gbps eth1 of proxy node: attach internal storage network; 1Gbps

I have tested the performance of swift's multi-client upload speed on the nodes which are in the same internal network as the storage nodes. during the process of uploading, I kept detecting the proxy node's eth1's speed with the help of "ifstat", which was always around 115MB/s.

Based on the fact that each data has 3 replicas. Is it necessary to change the eth1 of proxy node to 10Gbps? (Of course, we will change the eth0 of the proxy node to 10Gpbs) Apart from this, would you please give me some advice about the choose of cpu & memory of proxy node? Thank you very much.

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answered 2011-12-19 15:32:12 -0600

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Hi mhy,

You are correct in regards to the proxy internal network connection. Since you are creating 3 replicas, you should have a 10G link on the proxies. The storage nodes could remain on 1G links but eventually, once 10G becomes cheaper and if needed for your use case, it would not hurt to also have the storage nodes internal connections also on 10G links.

In regards to memory and CPU, that really depends on the number of proxy workers. One worker per proc is the ideal. 1-2G of memory per proc.

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answered 2011-12-20 09:16:57 -0600

mhy19 gravatar image

Thanks Marcelo Martins, that solved my question.

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