How to create valid swift certificate for Gladinet

asked 2011-08-20 05:56:31 -0600

I having been trying to use Gladinet( to access the swift. But it turns out that I can not login to my swift account. The error is "Login Failed" during the validating Virtual Directory process.

The problem is assumed to be my swift does't have a valid certificate.

Actually we followed the Openstack Storage Admin Guide to create a self-signed cert, and it works for Cyberduck. However I don't know how to create the certificate which also works for Gladinet.

Has anyone faced the problem, or known something about creating an exclusive cert? I am looking forward to your help !

Thanks !

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answered 2011-10-31 11:22:41 -0600

tonytkdk gravatar image

HI newwinter , I'm facing same issue now , could you plz share ur exp with solving the problem ?


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answered 2011-08-20 15:18:54 -0600

redbo gravatar image

I don't know anything about Gladinet, but if it requires a verified SSL certificate, you'll have to obtain one from a certificate authority it trusts instead of self-signing. Possibly you could create your own CA, use it to sign your cert, and add that CA to the system's trusted list, but that will probably take a fair bit of research.

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