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asked 2012-03-20 19:33:32 -0600

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I am a Openstack Noobie. I have install the single system Openstack from the devstack script for 11.10 ubuntu. Eveything appears to be fine. I am able to see the dashboard and start the images that are already there. However I want to move a Vmware Guest from my Vmware ESX server over to the Openstack.

I have copied over the rodger-flat.vmdk and ran glance add name="Rodger" is_public=false container_format=bare disk_format=vmdk < /tmp/rodger-flat.vmdk

This runs successfully. I then open Dashboard and launch the image. It runs. I VNC in and I get Inaccessible_boot_device. I have also tried

qemu-img convert /tmp/rodger-flat.vmdk -O qcow2 Rodger.qemu glance add name="Rod-qemu" is_public=false container_format=bare disk_format=qcow2 < /tmp/Rodger.qemu


kvm-img convert -O qcow2 /tmp/rodger-flat.vmdk /tmp/Rodger_kvm_img.qcow2 glance add name="Rod-kvm" is_public=false container_format=bare disk_format=qcow2 < /tmp/Rodger_kvm_img.qcow2

All with the same results.

Any recommendations? Am I going about this the right way? Or should I be trying to convert the vmdk into a volume?

Thank you, Rodger

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answered 2012-03-20 19:42:19 -0600

vishvananda gravatar image

it is quite possible that you don't have virtio drivers installed in your guest. Nova attempts to attach the drive using the virtio-block kernel module, so if you don't have the requisite driver / module installed in your guest it won't be able to load the boot drive.


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answered 2012-03-20 23:09:54 -0600

rclewis gravatar image

I think you are right. However, is there a way to tell it to use "ide" instead. I have found a driver for W2K, not sure if it works but I found one. I have not found one for the couple of NT VMs I still have running...

I have tried editing the libvirt.xml in the instance folder and issuing a reboot. No effect I have tried running 'virsh edit instance-0000000f' and changing the file. However after reboot it has reverted back... (gets rebuilt from somewhere?)

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. But are we forced to use virtio and virtio only with openstack ?


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answered 2012-03-20 23:40:28 -0600

vishvananda gravatar image

well you could change the default template

you can also try:

virsh destroy instance-0000000f virsh undefine instance-0000000f edit libvirt.xml virsh define libvirt.xml virsh create instance-0000000f


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