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openstack dashboard doesnot show anything after login

asked 2012-10-29 19:29:48 -0500

sdtranquility gravatar image

hi i have install openstack on ubuntu 12.04 i cinfigure dashboard acc to docs but when i enter username and password the same login page only appears i was supposed see the system panel after login but i only can see the same log in panel. i also remove ubuntu theme but nothing seems to be fine can anybody suggest where i got wrong

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answered 2012-10-29 19:35:34 -0500

gabriel-hurley gravatar image

Is this installation very recent (e.g. a fresh install from DevStack, or installed with Keystone from github)? If so, then you're hitting this bug: (

Basically, Keystone just switched to using PKI-signed tokens by default, and it broke Horizon. The keystone and horizon teams are working to resolve this as soon as possible. For the interim you can set "token_format = UUID" in your keystone. conf file.

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