Does Nova Support Oracle VM?

asked 2011-09-01 04:33:45 -0600

Hi all. My name is Yeonki.

I'm new about Openstack Nova. I'd like to know whether Openstack Nova supports Oracle VM or not.

I've known that the current version of Nova is Cactus and next one is Diablo. Do these two versions support Oracle VM?

If not, Does it have any plan for supporting Oracle VM in the future?

Thanks. Best regards.

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answered 2011-09-01 13:35:30 -0600

blamar gravatar image

I am not familiar with Oracle VM, but libvirt has support for VirtualBox...which might be the same thing?

Either way I don't know anyone who has attempted to run OpenStack on VirtualBox and I don't believe that the libvirt compatibility layer in OpenStack will support it at this time. Long story short, Cactus and Diablo will not have support for VirtualBox and if Oracle VM is not VirtualBox there is also no support for that.

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