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When nova-api and keystone run on different nodes, EC2 API does not work

asked 2012-03-21 22:18:35 -0500

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We've set up openstack (early essex version) with keystone successfully. We put nova-api and keystone on a head node (, and glance on the other node ( It worked well. Both nova API and EC2 API worked well.

Now we put nova-api on a head node ( and put keystone and glance on the other node ( Now, nova API works well. But EC2 API does not work. From the nova-api log, "error: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED" happens.

Should nova-api and keystone must be on the same node?

Here are our settings:

  1. api-paste.ini: [filter:authtoken] paste.filter_factory = keystone.middleware.auth_token:filter_factory service_protocol = http service_host = service_port = 5000 auth_host = auth_port = 35357 auth_protocol = http auth_uri = ....

  2. endpointTemplates $ keystone-manage endpointTemplates list All EndpointTemplates

    service region Public URL

nova RegionOne ( keystone RegionOne glance RegionOne (

  1. nova.conf --ec2_url= --rabbit_host= --sql_connection=mysql://root:nova@ --glance_api_servers= ...
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answered 2012-03-21 22:39:03 -0500

vishvananda gravatar image

you have to set keystone_ec2_url in your flagfile --keystone_ec2_url=

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