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glance cache manage middleware not enabled

asked 2013-02-27 20:38:32 -0500

gustavo-randich gravatar image

I'm trying to configure glance image cache with folsom, but glance-cache-manage list-cached keeps saying:

   Cache management middleware not enabled on host

I've configured this in glance-api.conf

flavor = keystone+cachemanagement

With Essex I had no problems with the image cache.

Requesting the cached images list to v1 of the api via curl works ok, but not with v2:

$ curl --header "x-auth-token: $TOKEN" http://localhost:9292/v1/cached_images
{"cached_images": []}

$ curl --header "x-auth-token: $TOKEN" http://localhost:9292/v2/cached_images

<html> <head> <title>404 Not Found</title> </head> <body>

404 Not Found

The resource could not be found.

Note: there's a warning about "The 'glance.client' module is deprecated in favor of the 'glanceclient' module provided by python-glanceclient" Does this affects the issue?

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answered 2013-02-28 10:24:48 -0500

eglynn gravatar image

The cachemanagement middleware is hardcoded to expose its API as v1 only.

I've raised a bug for this: (

The deprecation warning is a known issue (

and is fixed here:

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answered 2013-02-28 13:21:48 -0500

gustavo-randich gravatar image

We've been using mseknibilel's Folsom Install Guide guide to install, in which a script inserts a Keystone Image endpoint with v2 instead of v1, and that was the origin of the problem ( ( )

We corrected the db record, restarted keystone, and the problem was solved.

Thank you.

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answered 2013-05-06 13:40:58 -0500

gustavo-randich gravatar image

To enable v1 endpoint for Glance, simply replace "v2" with "v1" in the 'extra' column of the 'endpoint' table in 'keystone' database -- the row to modify is the one with "id" equal to the "service_id" with 'image' type in the 'service' table.

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