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Unexpected error: 'Token' object has no attribute 'serviceCatalog'

asked 2011-11-14 14:45:46 -0500

jean-pierre-dion gravatar image

Has anyone met this error when trying to log in the dashboard : Unexpected error: 'Token' object has no attribute 'serviceCatalog'

The user that I use (admin or another one) is registered and I can see it when using : keystone-manage user list

Any idea ? Thank you. jean-pierre

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answered 2011-11-17 19:39:23 -0500

gabriel-hurley gravatar image

This question is nearly impossible to answer without knowing what versions of things you're running and how you installed them. Particularly if your Horizon is cloned from github, it could be at any intermediate revision. A clean devstack Diablo install has never yielded this error for anyone I've heard from.

That said, I've gotten this error many times in the past. Transitioning from openstackx to novaclient to keystoneclient for auth over the past few months definitely had intermediate stages where there were potential failures like this.

I recommend using a current diablo devstack install with either the stable/diablo horizon release or (if you want to be bleeding-edge) the Essex E1 release.

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answered 2011-12-01 16:46:59 -0500

jean-pierre-dion gravatar image

OK I am going and try this. Thank you for your answer. jean-pierre

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