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create server via OpenStack API with keypair

asked 2012-11-04 17:15:57 -0500

dimas-zakky gravatar image

how to create instance with a keypair injected ??

{ "server" : { "name" : "new-server-test", "imageRef" : "", "flavorRef" : "52415800-8b69-11e0-9b19-734f1195ff37", "metadata" : { "My Server Name" : "Apache1" }, "personality" : [ { "path" : "/etc/banner.txt", "contents" : "ICAgICAgDQoiQSBjbG91ZCBkb2VzIG5vdCBrbm93IHdoeSBp dCBtb3ZlcyBpbiBqdXN0IHN1Y2ggYSBkaXJlY3Rpb24gYW5k IGF0IHN1Y2ggYSBzcGVlZC4uLkl0IGZlZWxzIGFuIGltcHVs c2lvbi4uLnRoaXMgaXMgdGhlIHBsYWNlIHRvIGdvIG5vdy4g QnV0IHRoZSBza3kga25vd3MgdGhlIHJlYXNvbnMgYW5kIHRo ZSBwYXR0ZXJucyBiZWhpbmQgYWxsIGNsb3VkcywgYW5kIHlv dSB3aWxsIGtub3csIHRvbywgd2hlbiB5b3UgbGlmdCB5b3Vy c2VsZiBoaWdoIGVub3VnaCB0byBzZWUgYmV5b25kIGhvcml6 b25zLiINCg0KLVJpY2hhcmQgQmFjaA==" } ] } }

on that data, what is metadata ?? is that the name of keypair?? and what is personality ?? what is contents ??

thanks for advice

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answered 2012-11-06 07:38:17 -0500

koolhead17 gravatar image


The metadata insertion in image is done using cloud-init. Checking up will help

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answered 2014-08-14 10:04:01 -0500

orangeiv gravatar image

you can use key_name to inject ssh key in API document even if this properties didn't explain by API document.


body: {"server": { "name": "lb_key-name", "imageRef": "82557921-9b87-4776-a556-6e6ced3e739c", "availability_zone": "nova", "key_name": "default", "flavorRef": "06560b3c-7d4b-46bb-ad73-637cfee39ee8", "OS-DCF:diskConfig": "AUTO", "max_count": 1, "min_count": 1, "networks": [{"uuid": "e6140731-f5a9-41c9-912f-6e28166ba5e6"}], "security_groups": [{"name": "default"}] } }

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