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What will "ppa:nova-core/trunk" be after bexar is released

asked 2011-01-24 10:21:56 -0500

guanxiaohua2k6 gravatar image


I am developing nova Deployment Tool. As a precondition of the tool, the repository should be added to the source.list of apt-get. Now I used "ppa:nova-core/trunk" as the repository. I want to know whether the ppa will be used and updated even after bexar is released.

Please answer me if anybody knows it. Thanks.

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answered 2011-01-24 10:44:58 -0500

soren gravatar image

That PPA will always hold the bleeding edge code. This means that as soon as Bexar is released, what you will find in the PPA is the beginnings of the release that will eventually be Cactus.

There is another PPA that will only hold releases. It is not in use yet, but once Bexar is released, we will copy the package to that PPA, and it will only be updated once Cactus is released.

See ( for more information.

Soren Hansen Systems Architect, The Rackspace Cloud Ubuntu Developer

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answered 2011-01-24 10:48:10 -0500

guanxiaohua2k6 gravatar image

Thank you very much.

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