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A problem about the instance's power state

asked 2012-10-04 06:50:01 -0500

bighead gravatar image

I've got a question about the instance's power state in Horizon.

If I turn off the instance by OS's commands, (like Linux "halt", Windows "shutdown.exe -s")

I still get the power state with ACTIVE.

But the fact is that they shut down already.

Did I miss some parameters or settings?

Thank you so much.

PS: I use Openstack/Diablo

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answered 2012-10-16 02:12:53 -0500

gtt116 gravatar image

There is a periodic task to sync the power state of vm. but the interval time is 10*60s(600 second), which the default interval is 60s and tick of the task is 10. So normally you should wait 10 minutes to see power state changed.

Hope this is helpful to you.

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