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asked 2011-06-03 13:38:51 -0500

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I was running nova (roughly bzr 1050 I think), and decided to upgrade to the Diablo-1 milestone release. I added in the new ppa, apt-get update and upgrade. Everything seems to have gone well. Next I ran nova-manage db sync, good so far.

When I try to start an instance it seems to go from "networking" to shutdown. I peek in the nova-compute.log for the node it was trying to create the VM on reveals an error traceback. Here is the log:


It appears to be failing on something related to VPN. Not sure. Any thoughts? Thanks, Graham

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answered 2011-06-03 13:52:56 -0500

graham-hemingway gravatar image

I restarted all of the services on all of the machines, but nova-network fails to get to a happy state. I ran tail on the log, but it seems the process is in some type of loop and is spewing a ton of stuff into the log. Here is a paste of the primary error block that keeps appearing in the log:


Thanks, Graham

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answered 2011-06-03 14:38:44 -0500

graham-hemingway gravatar image

With help from #openstack I found a solution. Problem seemed to be with old instance data in the DB. Nova-network appears to have been trying to resurrect the network for these instances (bug), but clearly was failing at this. I emptied the instances table and ran nova-manage project scrub and instances now start up and get a private address.

Thanks, Graham

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