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I'm currently registered a branch for glance and sent a request for merging to the lp:glance(using bzr), a buddy named klmitch told me the merging process is now done through the Gerrit. Would somebody helps me how to go through this stuff ? (

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answered 2011-09-07 13:27:35 -0500

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OK, first thing you will need to follow the setup procedure on this wiki page:

After that, you will have a Git repo of Glance on your local machine. You will then need to apply the changes that you made to the Bzr branch to a local topic branch of your Git repo.

You would do so like this:

$> git checkout -b adaptive_index $> # Open bin/glance and make the changes you made in the bzr branch $> # Feel free to make changes per Kevin's initial feedback on the LP merge proposal $> git commit -a # Then fill in a commit message describing your changes $> git review

That's it :) Cheers! jay

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