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asked 2013-05-26 03:28:15 -0500

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updated 2013-05-27 07:40:29 -0500

Hello everyone!

I could connect to rabbitmq in my cloud and got messages that transfer into it. Messages are python's objects and have fields like method, args and so on. For example, there are messages with method "getinstancenw_info", which contain some data about running instances. But messages look like requests. And I don't see any response for requests in messages which I get. Am I right the mechanism of messaging in OpenStack? Is it request/response way of communication between subsystems? Or I only need to handle these messages to understand what's going on inside the cloud?

P.S. Is there any api or something else to get notifications about events inside the cloud?

Many thanks to RomilGupta! In his link I found the answer. The responses are exist and transfered when the consumer got the request message. At that moment publisher of the request creates direct exchange that routes message with the response by the message identificator (msg_id). And consumer will send the response to this exchange. So to catch the response I need to connect to the direct exchange to get them. Unfortunately, the exchange created only for transfer, so it's hard to connect to it. However, this information is helpful. So, I can go and find other way to solve my task.

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answered 2013-05-26 11:35:53 -0500

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If you want to understand the mechanism of messaging in OpenStack then , the given link would be helpful for you :


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Thanks. I saw this article earlier, but didn't read it carefully. There are answers on my questions! :)

simonenkos gravatar imagesimonenkos ( 2013-05-27 07:25:43 -0500 )edit

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