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what does the app named with api-paste.ini in glance-api

asked 2013-03-04 16:25:43 -0500


there is a statement server.start(config.load_paste_app(), default_port=9292)

It's true that the value of config.load_paste_app() is obtained from glance-api-paste.ini [app:apiv2app] paste.app_factory = glance.api.v2.router:API.factory

Would you tell me that the value of config.load_paste_app() equals glance.api.v2.router.API.factory?


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answered 2013-03-05 11:24:20 -0500

I trace the glance runtime, and find out the value is like thant "glance.api.v2.router.API.factory(confparm)

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Asked: 2013-03-04 16:25:43 -0500

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