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XenServer installation

asked 2011-05-30 16:04:07 -0600

ethuleau gravatar image


I try to use Nova with XenServer hypervisor. I read the wiki page ( but I steel have some question.

1) I cannot determine if nova-compute process need to running on the XenServer host on another Linux host ?

2) Is XenServer support the VLAN network mode ?

3) How the storage works with XenServer ? What does it means the log part :

Configure SR storage ssh root@<xenserver ip=""> xe sr-list # look for the 'Local storage' SR ssh root@<xenserver ip=""> xe sr-param-set uuid=<sr uuid=""> other-config:i18n-key=local-storage

Could you help me ? Regards, Doude.

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answered 2011-05-30 16:25:37 -0600

1) Yes. The compute service must run as an instance on the XenServer host. The other nova services can run anywhere, but compute must be on a domU.

2) Yes, but I don't have any experience running it in that mode.

3) When you install XenServer on your machine, be sure to select the 'Thin Provisioning' option. If you don't get that option, your version of XenServer is too old. With thin provisioning, the majority of the disk on the server will be configured as 'Local Storage', and the steps that deal with that are what tells the XenServer to treat that disk are as local storage for nova.

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answered 2011-05-31 07:56:18 -0600

ethuleau gravatar image

Thanks Ed.

1) It's not very clear in the wiki doc. This wiki talk about nova installation but it use the 'apt-get' commands. This is not the XenServer installation way. How You install nova-compute on the XenServer ? Do you get source and build it manually with dependencies ?

2) Ok I will try it.

3) So I don't need to specified the command "xe sr-param-set uuid=<sr uuid=""> other-config:i18n-key=local-storage" if I had set the thin provisioning ?

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answered 2011-05-31 12:21:28 -0600

1) The wiki doc is for the domU setup, not the overall XenServer setup. The domU is the instance that will be running the compute service, and it is assumed that it is running Ubuntu Maverick. I agree that that probably should be specified in the doc.

3) No, you definitely need to run the sr-param-set command with thin provisioning. Otherwise, nova won't be able to find the SR when it needs to write to the disk.

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answered 2011-05-31 12:34:12 -0600

ethuleau gravatar image

Ok, thanks a lot Ed.

Perhaps it'll be fine to make a clear documentation like VMware ( ( ) in Nova documentation.

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