what is the prerequisite for multinode cinder

asked 2013-04-05 18:49:00 -0600

shantha-kumar gravatar image

I have installed Openstack controller + compute in single node. Now I want expand my O~S cinder component alone in another node.

Kindly let me know the prerequisite for configuring the cinder node in separate server.

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answered 2013-09-13 10:21:48 -0600

Thanks for your response. I planed to add another cinder node "c01". "c01" was installed cinder-volume package, and created a VG cinder-vol.

The result by running cinder-manage host list is:

cinder-manage host list

host zone
cloud nova
c01 nova

When the VG on "cloud" was used totally, I suppose cinder-vol on "c01" should be used. So I run "cinder create --display_name multi-node-test-01 8", but:

cinder list

+--------------------------------------+-----------+--------------------+------+-------------+----------+-------------+ | ID | Status | Display Name | Size | Volume Type | Bootable | Attached to | +--------------------------------------+-----------+--------------------+------+-------------+----------+-------------+ 7ac33606-7030-4786-9b09-0eb90d781d3a | error | multi-node-test-01 | 8 | None | false | |

cinder-scheduler.log: 2013-09-13 18:13:12 ERROR [cinder.scheduler.filters.capacity_filter] Free capacity not set: volume node info collection broken. 2013-09-13 18:13:12 WARNING [cinder.scheduler.filters.capacity_filter] Insufficient free space for volume creation (requested / avail): 8/7.0 2013-09-13 18:13:12 ERROR [cinder.scheduler.manager] Failed to schedule_create_volume: No valid host was found.

At the same time I can see this on "c01": c01:~# pvscan PV /dev/loop2 VG cinder-vol lvm2 [10.00 GiB / 10.00 GiB free] Total: 1 [10.00 GiB] / in use: 1 [10.00 GiB] / in no VG: 0 [0 ]

so why the VG on c01 could not be used by cinder?

thanks again.

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answered 2013-09-18 13:29:58 -0600

shantha-kumar gravatar image

I believe you are able to create the volume successfully from other node or controller node where u have cinder installed.

when u tryin to create on newly created not u are seeing this problem " ERROR [cinder.scheduler.manager] Failed to schedule_create_volume: No valid host was found."

No valid host -Though its listing in host list of cinder, its not successfully register.

check all the settings properly.

esp- NTP

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answered 2013-10-21 09:21:10 -0600

Thanks Shausy!

I was having same issue where creating a volume on a cinder-volume host failed with " No valid host found" error. This was a problem of timesync between nodes. After correcting the time difference, creating volume started working.

Also, To select a particular volume node, I used different volume backend names and create a volume type assosiated with the particular backend name. The create a volume with the selected type.


1) cinder.conf on the volume node:


[lvm-host1] volume_group=host-cinder volume_backend_name-LVM_iSCSI_host1

2) Create volume type cinder type-create host-lvm

3) Assosiate a backend name with the type: cinder type-key host-lvm set volume_backend_name=LVM_iSCSI_host1

4) Create a volume with specified type volume create --display-name sample-volume --volume-type host-lvm 10

Thanks, Vijesh

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