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Transaction id in header?

asked 2013-09-05 18:38:13 -0500

jcburke gravatar image

This page: ( would seem to suggest that I should get the transaction ID as a header in each response I get from swift, but I am not seeing them. Is there some way to turn this behavior on? It would be really useful for debugging

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answered 2013-09-05 18:46:03 -0500

notmyname gravatar image

The transaction IDs are generated by the catch_errors middleware (which should be in your proxy server config pipeline). If it's not loaded, you should update it (see for a well-documented sample config).

If you have catch_errors loaded, but you still aren't seeing the transaction ID, then either the response isn't coming from Swift (eg it could be coming from your load balancer) or something (like a load balancer) is stripping the header off of the response.

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