How do I assign multiple networks to a tenant?

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In Folsom, I need to be able to assign two (2) networks to a tenant and have any new instance be assigned those networks automatically. As oppose to having the need to use the --nic net-id ; arguments in the nova command line (cli) when launching (booting) new instances.

That was the case in Essex, but isn't the case in Folsom. Can someone help?

Thanks in advance!

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I think if you don't specify any NIC the VM will get a NIC in every network that belongs to the tenant. But I'm not sure.

fmanco gravatar imagefmanco ( 2013-04-16 18:56:04 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-04-17 04:24:39 -0600

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Can you please let me know are you using Quantum or nova-network ?

If you are using quantum then its very eary to assign multiple networks to a given tenant,

the commands are as follows :

quantum net-create [-h] [-f {html,json,shell,table,yaml}] [-c COLUMN] [--variable VARIABLE] [--prefix PREFIX] [--request-format {json,xml}] [--tenant-id tenant-id] [--admin-state-down] [--shared] name ...

Create a network for a given tenant.

positional arguments: name Name of network to create value_specs new values for the network: --key1 [type=int|bool|...] value [--key2 [type=int|bool|...] value ...]

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