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How to setup a compute node connected to multiple hypervisors

asked 2013-05-22 16:02:44 -0500

anonymous user


updated 2013-06-05 01:21:04 -0500

fifieldt gravatar image

Can we set up a compute node connected to multiple hypervisors? If so, can anyone let me know how to set it up? Thanks in advance.


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answered 2013-05-23 04:36:11 -0500

RomilGupta gravatar image

Hi Rosh , as per my understanding a compute node consists of Hypervisor installed on it, and a controller can manage multiple compute nodes installed with multiple hypervisor for provisioning the instances.

To do we need to install the desired hypervisor on Compute Node and load the corresponding driver by setting the compute_driver flag in nova.conf of Compute Node.

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answered 2013-05-22 16:07:42 -0500

gjiang gravatar image

I don't think that can be done. At least not with current releases.

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