authorization dashboard problem

asked 2011-10-07 06:13:10 -0600

I installed dashboard, keystone. And logged in first page. but error message occur on page.

" Unable to get usage info: This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser does not understand how to supply the credentials required. "

what is it??. please help...

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answered 2011-10-09 06:16:47 -0600

Additionally, nova version is diablo. 2011.03. dashboard and keystone are downloaded from github.

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answered 2011-10-13 00:34:17 -0600

gabriel-hurley gravatar image

There are several possibilities here:

1. You've got the wrong host/port somewhere in one of your conf files.
2. You've got the wrong service/admin token in one of your conf files.
3. One of your services isn't running.
4. There is a firewall or some other problem preventing communication between the desired services on the intended ports.

Overall there isn't enough information here to diagnose. I would suggest using the latest (from from ) on a clean install of Ubuntu 11.04 and specifying your MYSQL_PASSWORD, SERVICE_TOKEN, etc. in a localrc file.

That method is confirmed working by multiple parties as of yesterday afternoon.

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