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swauth-prep error in rhel5

asked 2011-04-13 19:48:13 -0500


I am trying to install swift in rhel5 (following the All-in-one guide). I did successfully in Ubuntu 10, but it doesn't work here.

I am getting the "Auth subsystem prep failed: 500 Server Error" error when I execute "swauth-prep -K swauthkey".

These are the log files:

$tail proxy.log Apr 13 15:33:10 fg-gravel5 proxy-server - - 13/Apr/2011/19/33/09 PUT /v1/AUTH_.auth HTTP/1.0 503 - Swauth - - - - tx75567aab-cf95-4942-84aa-b467146f984e - 0.0090

$ tail proxy.error Apr 13 15:33:10 fg-gravel5 proxy-server Account PUT returning 503 for (503, 503, 503) (txn: tx75567aab-cf95-4942-84aa-b467146f984e) Apr 13 15:33:10 fg-gravel5 proxy-server STDOUT: EXCEPTION IN handle: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/swift/swift/trunk/swift/common/middleware/", line 321, in handle return self.handle_request(req)(env, start_response) File "/home/swift/swift/trunk/swift/common/middleware/", line 384, in handle_request req.response = handler(req) File "/home/swift/swift/trunk/swift/common/middleware/", line 403, in handle_prep (path, resp.status)) Exception: Could not create the main auth account: /v1/AUTH_.auth 503 Internal Server Error : {'SCRIPT_NAME': '/auth/v2', 'webob.adhoc_attrs': {'start_time': 1302723189.9834349, 'bytes_transferred': '-', 'client_disconnect': False}, 'REQUEST_METHOD': 'POST', 'PATH_INFO': '/.prep', 'SERVER_PROTOCOL': 'HTTP/1.0', 'QUERY_STRING': '', 'eventlet.posthooks': [(<bound method="" swauth.posthooklogger="" of="" <swift.common.middleware.swauth.swauth="" object="" at="" 0x14e17710="">>, (<request at="" 0x14e2ddd0="" post="" http:="""" auth="" v2="" .prep="">,), {})], 'SERVER_NAME':

$tail storage1.log Apr 13 15:33:09 fg-gravel5 account-server - - [13/Apr/2011:19:33:09 +0000] "PUT /sdb1/258204/AUTH_.auth" 500 1414 "tx75567aab-cf95-4942-84aa-b467146f984e" "-" "-" 0.0022 ""

$tail storage1.error Apr 13 15:33:09 fg-gravel5 account-server ERROR __call__ error with PUT /sdb1/258204/AUTH_.auth : Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/swift/swift/trunk/swift/account/", line 305, in __call__ res = getattr(self, req.method)(req) File "/home/swift/swift/trunk/swift/account/", line 108, in PUT elif broker.is_status_deleted(): File "/home/swift/swift/trunk/swift/common/", line 1387, in is_status_deleted with self.get() as conn: File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/", line 16, in __enter__ return File "/home/swift/swift/trunk/swift/common/", line 264, in get self.conn = get_db_connection(self.db_file, self.timeout) File "/home/swift/swift/trunk/swift/common/", line 147, in get_db_connection timeout=timeout) DatabaseConnectionError: DB connection error (/srv/1/node/sdb1/accounts/258204/c5e/fc2701846bd6d660236000a775615c5e/fc2701846bd6d660236000a775615c5e.db, 25): Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/swift/swift/trunk/swift/c

I have double-checked the rings and ports and I think that everything is fine. Moreover, I can access to the db using python 2.6 and the module sqlite3

Note, that I have installed python 2.6 and sqlite 3.7.5. So I don't know if this can be a problem with the old version of sqlite (3.3.6) that I cannot remove because there are many services using it.

Can anyone give me an idea of what can be the ... (more)

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answered 2011-04-14 18:32:45 -0500

I have solved the problem installing a sqlite3 package from CentOS ( (


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answered 2011-12-29 02:18:42 -0500

hi, I have similar problem with you

I install swift on centos5 and I build python 2.7 from source.

the native sqlite on centos5 is 3.3.6,

so in your experience, I should install a higher verison sqlite3?

if I install the sqlite3 rpm package(you posted above), should I remove the old version?

and if I want to install multiple version of sqlite3, how can I tell swift to use the right one?

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