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how to configure tempest for newly added ml2 driver

asked 2014-01-06 03:55:02 -0500

I have developed a new ml2 driver for a controller(sdn) device of our company. when run tempest test, a really physical device is needed. I'm wondering that wether a controller device shoud be provided if we want to pass the tempest in openstack commuity ? if so, how to , any help will be appreciated!

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answered 2014-01-06 08:05:06 -0500

salvatore-orlando gravatar image

Hi Mayu,

tempest runs tests in a backend-agnostic way; this means it is not advisable to add configuration parameters pertaining to your controller or any other piece of software which might introduce backend-awareness.

In order to run tempest tests with your backend, and therefore being able to build the external testing system, other teams have added 3rd party libraries to devstack. In this way devstack creates a single host openstack deployment which works with your backend of choice, and then tempest tests are executed against this deployment.

You can find thrid-party neutron libraries in devstack/lib/neutron_thirdparty

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answered 2014-01-06 08:21:50 -0500

Thanks Salvatore Orlando, that solved my question.

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