Is OpenStack support CND(Content Delivery Network)?like Amazon

asked 2010-12-07 06:35:51 -0500

thank you

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answered 2010-12-07 18:30:59 -0500

I dont know what amazon is doing, but there is work done on image storage and delivery for Nova: see

Glance will be in next release. Glance will use Swift (or also other methods) to store and retrieve images for Nova.

Swift is cold object storage system which can store large number of objects, its used now in production by Rackspace.

No other kinds of CDNs are in nova. But you might write blueprints and/or implement some :)

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answered 2010-12-07 19:26:27 -0500

The objectstore (Swift) supports CDN on their deploy of swift called "Cloud Files".

I don't see any reference to CDNs on - perhaps someone from the swift team can talk to the CDN integration points on Swift?

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