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How to replicate data to offsite location

asked 2010-11-25 13:44:45 -0500

iizhikov gravatar image

Suppose we want to setup cloud storage that spans two physical locations - main and backup. What would be the best way to ensure at least one copy of each file is stored at backup datacenter? From what I can see from documentation, the only way to achieve this is to configure 3 zones and place one of them at backup datacenter. So one of 3 replicas would always go to backup datacenter.

I have two questions regarding this setup:

  1. Documentation says that 5 zones and 5 servers is a recommended minimum. We can get 6 or 9 servers (2 or 3 for each zone) to minimize impact of one server failure. But if we configure more that 3 zones, there would be no way to make sure data is replicated to backup datacenter. Is it correct?

  2. How to make sure that proxy server fetching files from local storage server, not from remote datacenter? Is it tending to fetch data from the same zone it belongs to? Or how it can be configured to do so?

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answered 2011-05-19 00:47:58 -0500

It looks as if the link above doesn't work anymore ( ( ). Does anyone have any documentation describing how to do this? Run zones across two physical locations and setting up proxy servers to only access local resources?

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answered 2011-05-20 07:49:23 -0500

iizhikov gravatar image

Hello Rob,

This blueprint was renamed to cactus-multi-region. You can see it here: According to its name it seems like it should has been released with Cactus. But it has not happened.

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answered 2010-11-26 15:20:18 -0500

cthier gravatar image

Hi Ivan,

There currently isn't real support for this yet. We are working on ideas on how to support this type of concept here: (

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answered 2010-11-29 06:10:10 -0500

iizhikov gravatar image

Thanks Chuck Thier, that solved my question.

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