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Can't run DHCP Agent

asked 2012-09-07 15:20:36 -0500

emilienm gravatar image

Using Folsom Testing packages [1] in Ubuntu 12.04, I can't run quantum-dhcp-agent [2].

Here you can find my dhcp_agent.ini [3]

[1] ( [2] ( [3] (


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answered 2012-09-09 04:06:20 -0500

gongysh gravatar image

to start any binaries in new quantum, we must provide two config files, one is quantum.conf, another is binary specific. for dhcp agent, it is dhcp-agent --config-file /etc/quantum/quantum.conf --config-file /etc/quantum/dhcp_agent.ini

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answered 2012-09-09 17:51:42 -0500

emilienm gravatar image

Thanks yong sheng gong, that solved my question.

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answered 2012-09-10 19:43:58 -0500

@Yong, is this true of all of the agents, including the plugin agents? (linuxbridge, openvswitch, etc?)

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