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VNC console ? does it support for KVM instance ?

asked 2011-04-19 12:44:24 -0500

tonytkdk gravatar image


as title...

I installed dashboard successfully

but there's no VNC button in my instance page... (

mine is KVM hypervisor .....

does it work for KVM ???


Hugo Kuo

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answered 2012-03-09 02:14:11 -0500

zhonghuabaima0913 gravatar image

Sorry,it didn't work properly either.I have tried to git,and ( done something like that:

$git clone ( $cd noVNC $git checkout diablo 1.配置 noVNC 服务 向/etc/nova/nova.conf 添加如下内容: #nova-vncproxy --vnc_enabled=True --vncproxy_url= --vncproxy_wwwroot=/home/testcloud/noVNC --vncproxy_manager=nova.vnc.auth.VNCProxyAuthManager

  1. 建立 noVNC 服务启动程序软链接 ln -sv /opt/noVNC/utils/ /usr/bin/nova-wsproxy

    1. 建立 noVNC 服务启动脚本配置文件 在/etc/init/下建立名为 nova-vncproxy.conf 文件,内容如下: description "Nova VNC proxy" author "Vishvananda Ishaya"

start on (filesystem and net-device-up IFACE!=lo) stop on runlevel [016]

exec su -c "nova-wsproxy 6080 --web /opt/noVNC --flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf" nova 4. 建立 noVNC 启动脚本 ln -sv /lib/init/upstart-job /etc/init.d/nova-vncproxy

  1. 重启相关服务 /etc/init.d/nova-api restart /etc/init.d/nova-vncproxy start

But /etc/init.d/nova-vncproxy will automaticly stop.By the way, all the processes(keysthone,dashboard,nova-compute,nova-scheduler,glance,nova-network and so on) are usring package repository.

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answered 2012-03-08 07:53:39 -0500

rafadurancastaneda gravatar image

You are using packaging repository not the code, you are better with and you can run it using something like that: $ cd /path/to/noVNC/utils $ ./ --vnc localhost:6080

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answered 2012-03-08 03:09:48 -0500

zhonghuabaima0913 gravatar image

I am very sorry to trouble you.I have the same question that vncproxy process cann't work.You said that we need to install custom noVNC.I have git ( , but there is no anything can install.Can you help me ? nova.conf: --vnc_console_proxy_url= --vncproxy_wwwroot=/var/lib/nova/noVNC --vnc_enabled=true --vncproxy_host=


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answered 2011-07-22 22:41:28 -0500

cubranic gravatar image

Since Cactus release, Openstack Dashboard supports VNC without having to merge in the ~sleepsonthefloor/openstack-dashboard/vnc_console branch.

So the steps for those running the Cactus release are:

  • get the dashboard ( ( )
  • install the custom noVNC ( )
  • configure "-vncproxy_host" in nova.conf
  • and install and run nova-vncproxy as described here
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answered 2011-04-21 14:58:45 -0500

rafadurancastaneda gravatar image

I'm sorry I can't help you longer, but I think I shared all I know with you. Your questions now would fit better in openstack nova answers, you can use the link I give you before or try to open another answer. And my final clue is if you are going to check stack before going back once more to dashboard, you need to run nova-direct-api too.


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answered 2011-04-21 11:04:43 -0500

tonytkdk gravatar image

thanks Rafael~

I did something as below

  1. cp nova-vncproxy /usr/bin/ ; cp stack /usr/bin/
  2. put noVNC into /var/lib/nova/noVNC 3.set vnc flag in nova.conf --vnc_console_proxy_url= --vnc_enabled=True --vncproxy_host=

4.excute nova-vncproxy manually :\ /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/nova-vncproxy --flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf --logfile=/var/log/nova/nova-vncproxy.log

==Question================ 1.Need I copy any other files or moudles to somewhere? ex. /cactus/nova/vnc/ ...I saw overthere.....

2.How colud I using "#service openstack-nova-vncproxy [options]" to control nova-vncproxy?

3.grep vncproxy_url /var/log/nova/nova-vncproxy.log 2011-04-21 18:19:02,956 DEBUG nova [-] vncproxy_url :

4.Where should I run nova-vncproxy? work with which component? bcz I have 3 machines, Host1 [api+objectstore+glance+dashboard+mysql] Host2 [network+scheduler+volume] Host3 [compute nodes]


I'll keep searching~

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answered 2011-04-21 09:16:02 -0500

rafadurancastaneda gravatar image

I'm still stuck getting VNC console, but I can give you some clues: - As you already know, you need merge vnc_console branch in dashboard - You also need to get openstack nova source code, you can try: bzr branch lp:nova/cactus - You'll get a nova dir where you can find bin dir. Now you have all bin you need. - In addition, you can use all nova componenets from packages and just run nova-vncproxy - Check nova-vncproxy code to know how to set up flagfile - nova-vncproxy needs custom noVNC, you can download from git:// - And here is where I'm stuck, you can check for updates here: (

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answered 2011-04-21 08:33:30 -0500

tonytkdk gravatar image

Rafael Durán Castañeda

Could you plz give me some clue about nova-vncproxy.....?

and what should I install for VNC console feature.

Just merge the branch which you gave me , and there's a VNC console Button in Dashboard...

but I'm sure it will not work , bcz there's no nova-vncproxy in my OPENSTACK environment.

I try to find some docs , but it's lack of information about this.

I find nova-vncproxy binary in ( .

But I have no idea how to install that :\

OPENSTACK nova installed from PPA instead of source code . So I can not merge it :<


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answered 2011-04-19 16:54:39 -0500

tonytkdk gravatar image

Thanks Rafael Durán Castañeda, that solved my question.

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answered 2011-04-19 16:54:34 -0500

tonytkdk gravatar image

Thanks man You're so kind .....

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