Unable to retrieve or create security groups

asked 2013-05-20 15:24:29 -0600

quantum security-group-list

produces a 404 Not Found (DEBUG: quantumclient.v2_0.client Error message: 404 Not Found)

However i am able to to create networks and list them.

I have in /etc/quantum/plugins/openvswitch/ovs_quantum_plugin.ini

[SECURITYGROUP] firewall_driver = quantum.agent.linux.iptables_firewall.OVSHybridIptablesFirewallDriver

I followed the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Basic Guide.

Any help would be appreciated

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answered 2013-05-20 15:35:18 -0600

Apologies, fixed it

see user comments, docs are a bit buggy.

http://docs.openstack.org/grizzly/basic-install/apt/content/basic-install_controller.html#basic-install_controller-keystone (http://docs.openstack.org/grizzly/bas...)

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