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Change Router IP Address

asked 2013-05-19 01:48:39 -0600

Agung Ridwan gravatar image

When attaching interface of router to selected network, by default quantum use ip address .1 for interface. When I create new router and want to attach to the same network then it becoming error. I've tried to connect it manually with "veth peer" and ovs-vsctl add-port, but I couldn't ping to qr-ID of R1.
Here's the topology I built:
 +-----+----> external network (br-ex)
[R1] [R2]
  |        |
 +------+----> internal network (br-int)

I've tried in another PC (with no openstack): SUCCESS.
Do I need to generate port ID (for qr-XX interface of R2 and tapXX)?

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Is it the iptables?

Agung Ridwan gravatar imageAgung Ridwan ( 2013-05-19 02:37:18 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-05-20 07:39:04 -0600

Agung Ridwan gravatar image

I found the solution. Because I'm using OpenFlow, so I need to add-flow to the port.

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