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Se qualcuno è italiano può leggere del problema in italiano dopo la descrizione in inglese :D

hi guys, i'm doing the work of an openstack installation for my University (Federico II di Napoli) as last test for my graduation. I encountered a problem with quantum and connectivity, I need help. My setup is based on three physical server, all with CentOS 6.3, with this roles: -1 Server ( Controller node) offering all types of services with Cinder and Quantum-Server+OVS plugin. On this server I have 4 NICs, of which I use ---eth0 with public IP and as management network too, that is this PublicIP is also used to be reachable from the other nodes ---eth1 configured with no IP but tagged with a pool of 16 VLAN ID, to use, in my intention, for the "local" networking between VMs ---eth2 bridged with br-ex and no IP manually configured -2 Servers (Compute nodes) offering nova-compute service and Quantum+OVS plugin, each one with 2 NICs ---eth0 setted with PublicIP ---eth1 configured as Controller, tagged with the same 16 VLAN ID I would also use quantum-l3-agent to route VMs on internet, with no quantum-dhcp-agent because of problem with "use namespace" that I'm forced to set to "False" on CentOS, and that lets use on the same node only one service between l3 and dhcp. My problem is that I'm not able to send VMs on internet, they can't ping from and to internet, but they can ping between them. I have used Quantum and l3-agent in this way: -"Private network" of kind, with a router setted with "router-inderface-add Router Private network", and which takes IP, and "router-gateway-set Router Public network" -"Public network" of the same type of physical net of the three servers. I mean: controller and compute nodes on their eth0 have (for example) PublicIP.3, PubblicIP.4, PubblicIP.5 of the subnet PublicIP.0/24 with gateway PublicIP.1. The allocation pool for "Pubblic network" is "start=PubblicIP.8,end=PubblicIP.23" with "gateway PubblicIP.1 PubblicIP.0/24" The problem is that the pool of PublicIP used for VMs are is reachable from internet and the VMs can't ping, i.e. google DNS ( I have tried to create "Public network" in quantum with "-pysical_network" both on eth1 or eth2 on the Controller, and both "local" both "VLAN" type. I have also tried to use only one network that assigns to VMs an IP taken from the pool of "start=PubblicIP.8,end=PubblicIP.23", setting on the VMs (because of no dhcp service) with "ifconfig eth0 PublicIP.9 netmask" and "route add default gw PublicIP.1 netmask", but the best result that i have obtained is that the VMs can ping from and to the physical network, but I can't go further than the physical gateway "PublicIP.1" Probably I do ... (more)

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answered 2013-06-15 04:38:44 -0600

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I am not insisting on giving it a publicly routable ip address, I only would to have VMs on internet, and the current eth0Ip on any interface, so that it is reachable from Compute node, and I don't need to change the openstack *.conf file on the Compute nodes. The current eth0Ip is taken from dhcp on the phisical network, it's the first IP the machine take after OS installation, and with its route to internet is pre-existing to OpenStack installation ;)

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