Can't create container with PUT

asked 2014-01-07 17:05:11 -0600

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Hi, I have installed object storage server (swift). Although i can list account metadata and account containers etc, i can PUT (create) a new container. I use the command: curl -v -X PUT -H 'X-Auth-Token: AUTH_tk6a2ed9d89c834d01aba3be799ae22050' (

and i get 503 internal server error.

my syslog file has this error: Jan 7 18:52:50 snf-219455 container-server ERROR __call__ error with PUT /sdb3/180/AUTH_test/testcontainer :


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answered 2014-01-07 20:21:20 -0600

clay-gerrard gravatar image

check permissions on /srv/node/sdb3 - make sure the user named in /etc/swift/container-server[/].conf ("swift" by default) can write to it.

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answered 2014-01-08 13:39:23 -0600

fitros16 gravatar image

Thank you very much! This solved my problem. I just gave the user permission to this file.

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