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Open vSwitch not forwarding tagged frames

asked 2013-05-29 22:40:21 -0500

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while setting up a VLAN network I ran across an issue with an Open vSwitch bridge that refuses to forward tagged frames. Untagged traffic flows as expected, though. As can be observed in the following output, br-data is the bridge I defined to connect VMs betweens hosts and bond2 is the (bonded) physical interface that carries VM traffic in their own VLANs.

The problem is that tagged traffic that comes from bond2 -- ARP requests on VLAN 212 -- don't get to phy-br-data where it could be forwarded to the virtual router on brigde br-int. This doesn't affect untagged traffic -- the IGMP queries in the sample. Is this expected behavior or is there something I can do about it?

I copy it here for easy reference: Bridge br-data Port phy-br-data Interface phy-br-data Port br-data Interface br-data type: internal Port "bond2" Interface "bond2"


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answered 2013-06-03 12:20:23 -0500

rrolim gravatar image

I was using vconfig to create a vlan-device for VLAN 212 since apparently the network interface driver was stripping inbound 802.1Q tags. Once I had bond2.212 created I could see tagged frames, which were expected by my br-int bridge. However, as I mentioned above, for some reason openswitch didn't allow these frames through. What I did was remove the vlan-device for VLAN 212 and added a new one for an unused VLAN (in my case VLAN 4094). This new virtual interface device and the absence of the previous one immediately allowed tagged frames through openvswitch. This is very weird to me as frames were already being correctly tagged by the vlan-device created by vconfig before. As a side node, bond2.4094 doesn't even needed to be up.

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