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Does SWIFT support CDN-enabled containers?

asked 2010-08-20 06:20:39 -0500

xbwang-zh gravatar image

Rackspace Cloud Files support CDN-enabled containers. But, according to SWIFT documentations, SWIFT does not support CDN-enabled containers. Is this correct? If this is correct, the .net api should be modified to support SWIFT.

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answered 2010-08-20 13:06:30 -0500

notmyname gravatar image

Rackspace Cloud FIles is the productized version of swift. CDN support is not really in the scope of the project, but public containers in swift have been discussed.

All of the language bindings for Cloud Files currently support the product, not the underlying swift infrastructure. The best way to programmatically interact with swift is to use the REST API (or the Cloud FIles bindings and change the auth and ignore the CDN stuff)

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answered 2010-08-20 13:14:04 -0500

xbwang-zh gravatar image

Thanks John Dickinson, that solved my question.

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