Anyway to terminate instances stuck in REBUILD or RESIZE state?

asked 2012-01-06 01:59:51 -0600

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Running a set of functional tests in Tempest, I ended up with two stuck server instances -- one in REBUILD and one in RESIZE status. Attempting to terminate them via Horizon results in an error saying I cannot terminate an instance in REBUILD or RESIZE status. How can I remove these server instances?

Thanks, -jay

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answered 2012-01-11 14:49:18 -0600

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answered 2012-01-20 22:26:40 -0600

david-kranz gravatar image

I had the same problem but am not sure how to do this reset. I looked at /var/lib/nova/nova.sqlite with a sql browser but did not see much in there. Is this the right database? Is there an easy way to set the vm_state?

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answered 2012-01-11 15:51:14 -0600

If a rebuild or resize failed and it didn't move it to ERROR, then that's a bug. If you can, please open up bugs, hopefully with tracebacks.

To delete these, you will need to set the vm_state of the instance to ERROR in the database.

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answered 2012-01-11 16:01:56 -0600

jaypipes gravatar image

Got it. Thanks, Johannes! I'll file bugs when I can repeat the problem.

Cheers! -jay

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