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define color palette in less files

asked 2013-02-12 16:49:32 -0600

david-lyle gravatar image

I would like to propose extracting all the color references in the less files that are hard-coded and pull them out into a color-palette.less file that is loaded by the other less files and use the colors by @background-color type references. Is there any concerns or objections to this approach? I believe this would make customizing the color palette for branding purposesmuch simpler. Also adding new widgets would be simpler and more consistent without having to track down hard-coded color references.

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answered 2013-02-12 17:07:07 -0600

I don't think anyone would complain about that happening - it is a great idea! I am pretty sure this has been requested before, just never had the work done/blueprint created for it...

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answered 2013-02-25 23:05:14 -0600

david-lyle gravatar image

Thanks John Postlethwait, that solved my question.

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