[Overcloud][TripleO] Cannot find any hosts on 'overcloud' in network 'ctlplane'

asked 2020-08-12 02:24:08 -0500

chensa gravatar image

hi experts,

I am trying to install RHOSP version 15, so far I have created the undercloud and prepared physical servers which have already been introspected.

Now I am trying to deploy the overcloud and after the stack reports:

Stack overcloud/9deee04d-74ab-4896-a212-3b3876f49784 UPDATE_COMPLETED

it raises an error that says:

DeploymentError: Cannot find any hosts on 'overcloud' in network 'ctlplane'

also in the logs I managed to find this error:

No CIDRs found in the ctlplane network tags.\nPlease refer to the documentation in order to\nset the correct network tags in DeployedServerPortMap.

any ideas?

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