when should ipxe be configured when folling the tripleo install guide?

asked 2020-08-10 22:04:54 -0600

kendrick gravatar image

I have tried the tripleo install guide from the openstack website and have never gotten a successful introspection.
I have added the ironic and introspection and pxe options to the undercloud.conf with no success on introspection/pxeboot. there is no config for dnsmasq.d/ nor is there an ironic folder in /etc. the pxe boot/introspection files are in /usr/share/... and /var/lib/ironic/... folders. i have tried to the point of making/uploading the images and trying to start the overcloud install/introspection but no pxe server was found.

At what point should the dnsmasq.conf files show up and should they be autogenerated or is that step missing from the install instructions?

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