Cinder and Dell EqualLogic PS6100

asked 2020-07-22 11:27:57 -0600

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Which Cinder driver should we use for a Dell EqualLogic PS6100 san if we use Ussuri on CentOS 8. After looking at the documentation, we found several Dell san drivers but none seemed to clearly fit after a quick look on the details of the driver. We plan on using MPIO / iSCSI to connect the controller and the compute nodes to the san.

Thank you for your help

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answered 2020-07-22 22:29:07 -0600

You are out of luck. It would be the PS driver, but:

The Dell PS Series volume driver is moving into maintanence mode in S release and will be removed in the T release.

You can use it until Stein.

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