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How to Install OpenStack?

asked 2020-07-15 13:58:43 -0500

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Ok, so since this question hasn't had any answers yet, ( - This suggests to me that this isn't really a supported option any more. And I came across this guide, (, which says that the XenAPI driver is actually no longer supported anyhow. And despite this YouTube video showing how to set up Xen with OpenStack ( Physical machine > XenServer > VM with OpenStack ) - I'm not convinced this works.

As such - let's try asking the question in a much simpler way so I can try and get OpenStack up and running.

I have a physical server with 1x hard drive (it can be wiped) - what are the steps I need to take to install OpenStack to get it working?

Install Ubuntu / CentOS 8 and run DevStack?

My original plan was to have a flexible environment to play with different technologies. Xen allows this as I can plug in any .iso to spin up a VM on anything I need.

My main concern with the Ubuntu / CentOS 8 on the main HDD is that this locks the entire physical server into OpenStack - and I'm not convinced of the flexibility to be able to configure OpenStack to pull in any .iso and spin up a VM. With Xen it's relatively straight forward to do this.

I feel like I've asked this question in multiple ways on these forums already without getting a simple answer that I can run with - so hopefully with a very basic question like this I'll get somewhere.

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answered 2020-07-15 17:55:59 -0500

updated 2020-07-15 20:45:17 -0500

I would have commented on your question how to install OpenStack on Xen if I had any experience with Xen. However, OpenStack makes no statement about the platform that is suitable for an installation, be it physical or virtual, and in the latter case, which virtualization technology.

Devstack is definitely meant to run on a VM. It is used in OpenStack's Continuous Integration environment, where it runs on VMs in an OpenStack cloud. See the documentation:


DevStack will make substantial changes to your system during installation. Only run DevStack on servers or virtual machines that are dedicated to this purpose.

You reference This is not a guide for installing OpenStack on Xen. This is a guide for using a XenAPI hypervisor to run instances in an OpenStack cloud. XenAPI is deprecated because the hypervisor driver has not been maintained recently (by the way, the libvirt interface to Xen is still supported).

So yes, you take a VM, or several VMs, or physical machine(s), install one of the supported Linux distros including Python 3 on them, then install OpenStack using one of the many methods - manual, Devstack, Packstack, Kolla, Tripleo, Charms, and probably a few others. By the way, Oracle supports Solaris as a platform.

Some methods such as manual installation, Devstack and Packstack are better suited to small machines. Others like OpenStack-Ansible or Kolla require comparatively large servers (16GB memory perhaps), and others even larger (Charms, Tripleo I would guess).

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