How to use openstack with xenserver as hypervisor?

asked 2020-07-09 15:53:44 -0500

MichaelCropper gravatar image

I have a physical server which has XenServer installed. How do I architect this so that I can use OpenStack (via DevStack).

At the moment the setup is as follows (super simplified version...);

  • Physical Machine
    • 1x Physical Hard Drive - XenServer Installed (aka. DomU)
  • - - VM X (Contents not related to OpenStack)
  • - - VM Y (Contents not related to OpenStack)
  • - - VM Z (Ubuntu Server 18.04 with DevStack Installed and XenTools Installed)

After installing OpenStack on VM Z int he example above, while I can login to the Horizon dashboard, I can't spin up any Instances which makes me think that I've got something setup incorrectly.

I've also been reading conflicting/unclear information online that is also suggesting that you may or may not need to install some Xen plugin on DomU to enable some form of communication with the OpenStack Controller node. Not sure how accurate that information is that I've read though as my understanding is that everything is setup with DevStack on VM Z which would be classified as the Controller Node and the Compute Node and the Identity Node etc. in this setup.


Regards, Michael

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