After rebooting a devstack instance, its assigned floating IP does not work anymore

asked 2020-07-02 09:16:25 -0600

htyeig gravatar image

I've noticed this happen a lot - I assign a floating IP to an instance, and I'm then able to SSH into it and work like normal, but if I need to reboot the instance, I cannot use the same floating IP to connect back to the instance. I need to disassociate the floating IP and either use an existing but unused floating IP (which also does not work sometimes) or I have to create a brand new floating IP to be able to connect back to the instance. Am I doing something wrong here? Why does this keep happening? Is this only a devstack thing?

I've noticed something similar when I try using the tap-as-a-service plugin - things work fine when I set them up, but after a reboot of just an instance, things seem to stop working and I have to delete and recreate everything.

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