Instances Failed: error exceeded maximum number of retries !!

asked 2020-06-02 09:41:23 -0500

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Hello, Can someone help me to resolve this issue. I'm working on Redhat Openstack Platform 16 with Rhel 8. After installing Openstack, i tried to create an instance but i receive an error message **"N'a pas pu effectuer l'opération demandes sur l'instance "qw-2". l'Instance a un statut d'errer: Veuillez essayer â nouveau ultérieurement (Error : Exceeded maximum number of retries. Exhausted all tests available for retrying build failure for instance 3c4tecite a 4f39-42.87-13854-gbacc6a7t11 5. Please help me,i'm very pressed because it's my final study project. Thank you.

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The Nova log files should have more information about the error. To quickly find relevant messages, start by searching for the instance ID, or messages with the right timestamp.

It's better to switch the language to English.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2020-06-02 10:23:52 -0500 )edit