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pci_passthrough alias and flavor setting for a GPU

asked 2020-05-28 06:59:54 -0500

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We have a single GPU device detected as two devices into the compute host as below: $ lspci -nn | grep "83:00." 83:00.0 Processing accelerators [1200]: Xilinx Corporation Device [10ee:5020] 83:00.1 Processing accelerators [1200]: Xilinx Corporation Device [10ee:5021]

We have to passthrough this device in rocky. We have set the PCI alias in the controller host as below: [pci] alias = { "vendor_id":"10ee", "product_id":"5020", "device_type":"type-PCI", "name":"Xilinx5020" } alias = { "vendor_id":"10ee", "product_id":"5021", "device_type":"type-PCI", "name":"Xilinx5021" }

but openstack does not allow setting flavor with two PCI aliases as show below: | 1b2a1111-111e-11df-1122-8f71111fb3d6 | pciflavor | 16384 | 100 | 0 | 4 | True | | 1.0 | pci_passthrough:alias='Xilinx5020:1,Xilinx5021:1',

Is there a way to add this device as single pci alias for such device or a way to add multiple pci_passthrough aliases in a better way inside a flavor ?


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answered 2020-06-02 03:54:22 -0500

SCN gravatar image

[pci] alias = { "vendor_id":"10ee", "product_id":"5020", "device_type":"type-PCI", "name":"Xilinx5020" } alias = { "vendor_id":"10ee", "product_id":"5021", "device_type":"type-PCI", "name":"Xilinx5021" }

with flavor set as below openstack flavor set pciflavor --property "pci_passthrough:alias"="Xilinx5020:1,Xilinx5021:1"

This worked out well during further testing and configuration. We had to enable IOMMU first for the device to get passthrough.

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