Failed to raise network interfaces

asked 2020-05-13 02:08:07 -0500

sravya_k gravatar image

Hi , I have a Openstack Pike setup - 1 infra/controller , 7 compute , 2 storage nodes .All openstack services are running as lxc containers. I am unable to access the VMs spun up on my openstack setup . Nova console log for the instance show "Failed to raise network interfaces" error. Can anyone please help me regarding this.

Thanks Sravya K

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There are too many variables that you don't share. What image did you use. Does it happen with all VMs. Anything else about networking in the console log. Any other details?

When you search the error message, you will see that it often happens with Debian systems. Have you investigated this?

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2020-05-13 03:07:57 -0500 )edit