Assigning an IPv6 /64 range to a VM

asked 2020-05-07 12:08:59 -0500

Justin Goetz gravatar image


As a basic overview of my setup, I have a /48 IPv6 block assigned to my openstack cluster, running on a layer 2 provider network. Openstack Neutron is handling prefix delegation. My goal is to get an entire /64 IPv6 block routed to each of my VMs (each VM has its own /64 out of the larger /48).

At the moment, I have IPv6 functional, but the VMs only receive a single IPv6 address out of a /64 subnet. I want my VMs to be able to have an entire /64 block routed to them.

I read this question back from 2017 which states its not possible to route IP blocks to VMs: (

Has anything changed since 2017, and have exceptions been made for IPv6?

Thanks in advance for reading!

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